Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2019 Lexus UX

Like it or not, get ready to see these everywhere.
A baby Lexus SUV...

It does have the current Lexus trend: that huge mouth and plenty of lines everywhere. But this is so much better than the concept.
As far as we can see on this very early shot, the interior seems pretty nice.

The larger NX starts at around $36 000 for 2018. (The hybrid is now only about $1000 more)
So this cheaper one would go against the Audi Q3 and Mercedes Glanceable I guess.
Starting in the low 30s.

More on this very soon....

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FFEMT6 said...

Only thing I like about the new Lexus models is the interior. The exterior design with the exception of the LC500, is horrible, mostly because of the hideous front end/grill. Bad enough imo,to wonder how many more they could be selling.