Monday, February 26, 2018

2019 Jaguar iPace

First official pic of the all new Jaguar EV, the iPace.
It looks just a little bit shorter than the F-Pace, but actually quite a bit roomier.
(You can see the dashboard is further ahead of the car) Thanks to the EV architecture.

So far here are some of the claims:
- Over 310 miles range.
- 80% charge in 45 minutes
- 4 trim level
- Rumored starting price of 82 000 Euros in Europe/$70 000 in the US.
- Stupid "iPace" name is here to stay.

We will have all the answers on March 1st....

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Chad Michael said...

Ok Jaguar has been doing a pretty nice and decent job lately. Except for the name's Why must all the "luxury" brands complicate the names. I admit I used to be against Burlapp about Lincoln & what not; but now that i've noticed how much people couldn't care to much, its easier to remember a name then a hieroglyphics of barcode names. PACE neeeds to go