Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2019 Lexus UX

For those who don't like the huge Lexus grille: it looks like it's here to stay.
At least in the near future...
This is a new picture of the compact Lexus UX SUV. And it looks worse than ever...

More pictures of the new UX very soon....

2019 BMW X5

We have seen better pictures of this already.
But I just got this one and though I would share.

Warning: This is STRICTLY for BMW fans. For everyone else, it will just be another BMW that looks exactly like the previous one.

2019 Honda CR-V (Europe)

 Honda is unveiling the 2019 version of the CR-V for the European market.
Describing it as "all new". Which, I guess, means Europe has not been getting the current model yet.
Which has been on sale here since November 2016.
So I was wondering if the European version was previewing a possible mid-cycle refresh for our 2019 model.

The European version is on top. And they both look the same except for some extra LED lights in the lower bumper.

 Same here. Even the wheels are the same.

Nothing new inside either. Except a bit more wood on around the console.

But the European version will be offered as a Hybrid. With a 2.0 Liter engine paired with an electric motor.
Something we don't get here.


2019 BMW 3 series

Nothing earth shattering. As it will look like a slightly updated version of the current one.
But here is yet another picture of a 3 series prototype driving around...

Why not...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Giugiaro Sybilla.

A new concept from one of my favorite designer is always a treat.
And the new Sybilla doesn't disappoint.
It even has a late 70's/early 80's Ital Design feel to it.

I think this is just gorgeous. And as simple as it can be.  

Something most new cars companies today could learn from. Imagine if just 25% of this could become the new design language for Acura or Lexus...

More pictures of the new 2019 Audi A6

This is basically an Audi A7 sedan.
With minor differences outside. The interiors are exactly the same. Minus the hatchback of course.
(Which on is the 6? The 7?)
Currently, the A6 starts at around $50 000. Not cheap.
But the A7 is actually about $20 000 more!
Sure, it comes with a V6 standard, and probably a few other things. But $20 000 for mostly the same car in a hatchback version. (?!?!)

I do like the hatchback much better, but I really think a $20 000 is pretty crazy.
The profit margin on the A7 must be quite amazing...

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric

 The cute little Kona barely went on sale and Hyundai is already showing us the EV version.

2 models will be offered. One with about 185 miles, the other with almost 300.
(Although these numbers are probably from European tests)
Either way, this covers pretty much all the competition. Including the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and even Tesla Model3.
Good for them.

As you can see, they even gave the EV version a nicer interior (regular model at the bottom )
With a new console and larger screen.

2019 Audi A6

The "all new" A6 is basically a smaller A8.
Or a sedan version of the A7.
Or a larger A4.

Unlike the gorgeous first A6, this one will again be hard to tell from any other Audi sedan.
Which doesn't really matter, since it will compete with the "hard to tell from a C-Class" Mercedes E-class.
And the "hard to tell from a 3 series" BMW 5 series....

2019 Lexus UX

Like it or not, get ready to see these everywhere.
A baby Lexus SUV...

It does have the current Lexus trend: that huge mouth and plenty of lines everywhere. But this is so much better than the concept.
As far as we can see on this very early shot, the interior seems pretty nice.

The larger NX starts at around $36 000 for 2018. (The hybrid is now only about $1000 more)
So this cheaper one would go against the Audi Q3 and Mercedes Glanceable I guess.
Starting in the low 30s.

More on this very soon....

2019/20 Volvo XC50

From Europe, we are getting a look at what the upcoming Volvo XC50 might look like.

Volvo will release a "coupe" version of the XC40 late this year or early next year.
Just like the BMW X2, it will be a lower, less roomy version of the car it is based on. But also more expensive.
I guess if it works for BMW, why not.

Mazda is also rumored to be working on a "coupe" version of the next generation CX-5.
And unlike the super good looking CX-4 sold in other countries, that new one will be coming to the US.
Just like the Volvo XC50 pictured above.

These are very busy times for Volvo. They have just released the all new V60 wagon.
The S60 sedan is coming very soon. Then a smaller S40 sedan and V40 wagon are next.

And a bunch of EV variants of all these models. As Volvo has announced they are stopping developing any new gas engines.
They will probably become one of the first major brand to turn 100% EV.

Monday, February 26, 2018

2019 Jaguar iPace

First official pic of the all new Jaguar EV, the iPace.
It looks just a little bit shorter than the F-Pace, but actually quite a bit roomier.
(You can see the dashboard is further ahead of the car) Thanks to the EV architecture.

So far here are some of the claims:
- Over 310 miles range.
- 80% charge in 45 minutes
- 4 trim level
- Rumored starting price of 82 000 Euros in Europe/$70 000 in the US.
- Stupid "iPace" name is here to stay.

We will have all the answers on March 1st....

2019 Acura RDX

As expected, the 2019 production version of the all new Acura RDX will look almost exactly like the concept we saw at the Detroit Auto show. Which is great news.
Since the RDX concept was one of the best things from the show.

The new RDX should be quite a hit for Acura.
Sales of the current model went down to 35 487 last year. (Which is normal since it was introduced in 2013)
They sold over 52 000 of them the year before.
I think the new design is much more attractive and they will have no problem selling even more of that all new model.

Head over HERE for more pictures of the 2019 RDX prototype driving around.

2019 Buick Envision

The Envision SUV was revised for the Chinese market a few months ago.
And here are official pictures of the US model. No surprises here, since the Envision for the US is also made in China, so they are the same. 

"A newly sculpted front and rear" is how GM describes it. (Which could also describe a few people I know)
Otherwise the big news for 2019 is the new 9 speed automatic.
Price starts at $33 000. (About $1000 less than before) That comes with a 2.5 Liter with 197HP and a 6 speed auto.
The new 9 speed comes with the 2.0 Liter turbo model. (now with more torque than last year)

As I mentioned before, even though I've almost never seen one, the Envision is Buick's 3rd best seller model with over 41 000 units sold last year. 

2019 Nissan Terra

I have mention this truck before, but we now have official pictures.
So far, this is only for other markets. Like some Asian countries and probably Australia.
Where the Navara pick up truck is sold. Since this is based on the Navara.

It is basically an old fashion body on frame, pick up truck based SUV.
Like the early Ford Explorer was here. In these countries it will compete with the Toyota 4 Runner and Ford Everest (Based on the Ranger)
Nothing fancy . You can tell from the Navara interior. 

Not sure if this will ever make it to the US as a new X-Terra .
But why not....

2019 Toyota Auris Teaser

The teaser for the next generation already looks 100 times sleeker than the current model (in blue)
If they can restrain themselves from putting a huge grille on it, this could be quite a good looking car.

The current Auris is sold in the US as the Corolla iM (Formerly Scion)

I do have high hopes for this. We will se the real thing very soon.

A new Auris also means an all new Corolla is on its way...

Nissan Sentra EV???

 Looks like Nissan is working on an electric version of the Sentra.
The current Sentra came out about 6 years ago. It's actually time for a new one.

This looks exactly like the current model.
So maybe they are testing the next generation EV powertrain on the current body.

The top picture is the EV version. They did redesign the whole console, compared to the current car (black interior)
So that doesn't really look like what they would do for a test mule.

What do you think?

2019 Hyundai Encino

Weird news from China today.
Where it looks like the new Hyundai Kona is called "Encino" over there.
Why? Who knows...

Funny to think the small Los Angeles suburb of Encino would be used for the name of a car.

Also, that lady doesn't seem to be wearing any pants. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

2019 Peugeot 508 in BurlappVision

Here is a better view of the all new Peugeot 508 sedan in action.

Only the GT version is shown here. (I think the "regular" model looks a bit better with its chrome window surround line.)

I still don't think this looks amazing. It seems nicer than the Opel Insignia (Buick Regal)

But not really better than the Euro VW Passat.

And not as nice as the Renault Talisman.

But that's all subjective....

What do you think?

2020 VW T-Roc Convertible

Another "genius" idea from VW.
A convertible version of their small T-Roc SUV.

It actually doesn't look so bad. Kind of like a Golf Convertible on stilts.
And just like the Golf Convertible, this will not be sold in the US, since we are not getting the T-Roc SUV in the first place.

Still, I wonder why. They killed 2 door versions of the Polo and Golf because of "slow sales".
They are thinking of maybe, again, killing the Beetle. But this? This will work?

Will it work s well as the "extremely poorly received" Murano Convertible???


Saturday, February 24, 2018

2019 GMC Sierra Teaser

Not earth shattering news.
As we all know, the new Sierra will be the new Silverado with a revised front end. A larger grille.
Just like it's always been.
We've also seen pictures of the interior (HERE), and you've guessed it, it is 100% the same as the Chevrolet version.

So weird. I just don't get people who would pick the GMC over the Chevrolet version. Thinking they get something else.
Same thing with their big SUVs. Why?
I guess it's a cheap way to add sales to the most profitable thing they make. So why not.
Why give more than what is expected. (Which is nothing.)

Weird that something with zero effort put in can actually sell so well.

Good for them. ( I guess???)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

2019 Cadillac XT4

That is the interior of the all new Cadillac XT4 compact SUV.
I guess this might go against the BMW X1, Mercedes  GLA etc...

It looks like a total departure from current Cadillac interior designs.
The screen area/surrounding looks a bit weird. It looks like it might be able to tilt up or something.
And lots of buttons underneath.

It'll be really interesting to see official pictures. Which are coming very soon.

2019 Buick Envision

 The Envision SUV is getting a few changes for 2019. Just like the Chinese model did a little while ago.
The 2019 model is the one on top. Up front, it looks like a new grille, similar to newer Buick models, and new bumper.

Just like the Chinese model, the rear is all new.
Hatch, lights, bumper etc...
It is much more distinctive and fits the rest of the design much better.

Not sure yet about other changes. But the Chinese version has been upgraded to a 9 speed automatic.
As before, the US Buick Envision is imported 100% from China.

I have actually only seen a couple of these on the road, but apparently, Buick sold over 41 000 of these in the US last year. (!)
More than the Acura RDX with around 36 000. And about as much as the BMW X3.
Which is quite amazing actually...