Sunday, January 14, 2018

Nissan Concept SUV teaser

This could really preview anything. From a Juke replacement to a Murano.
It even has a bit of Lexus to it from this picture (NOT a good thing)

This is a pure concept, unlike the Acura RDX "concept".
This has not cuts for the bumper, no mirrors etc... So not a production preview.
And it looks like a crazy styling that would have to be toned way down for possible production.

So it could be anything...


Anonymous said...

Had this been a Toyota or Lexus Vince would be so positive and gaga! Lol

Anonymous said...

The concept is more likely catering to the Juke, however there have been rumors of the next Z being more butch like and no longer playing the role of a purest sport car; rather a crossover coupe. We'll have to wait.

Anonymous said...

The more we see of it, the uglier it gets.

Huntdl said...

The next Rogue, it looks just like the current one