Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nissan Concept SUV coming up

I posted an official teaser of this a few days ago, HERE.

We are now getting a better look. Although still just a silhouette.
Some of you claim the concept is a preview for the next Murano. Others say it is previewing the next Juke replacement. (Above the new Kicks)
I have no idea....
It could also be just one of these concepts that amount to nothing else.

I will try to get more info and pix before the official date. 


Mike said...

This actually looks like an Xterra if you remember how they used to have chunky roof racks.. that upper wedge in profile looks consistent with a sleeker model more akin to the Murano

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a new Murano as the current one is only a few years old; Nissan tends to keep their life cycles relatively long. Most likely it could be a Juke replacement, but fans seem to want a Xterra replacement. Honestly, Nissan should just kill the Murano and Pathfinder and replace it with one vehicle.
The same is true with Maxima as the next generation Altima will have an AWD option!