Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Lynk & Co hatchback coming up.

 As mentioned before, Lynk & Co is a new brand positioned under Volvo. From the same Chinese owner, Geely.
They have started sales of their SUV model, the 01. And showed a sedan concept called the 03.
So I guess the hatchback pictured above would be the 02(?)

They are planning sales in europe and the US. So of course, they would need a Golf class hatchback for the European market.
And the SUV will probably be the best seller here.

 Here the 03 sedan as a concept. the prototype above does look like it is a straight hatchback version of that car.
And here is the 01 SUV. Based off the same platform as the new Volvo XC40.

Lynk & Co is planing to sell their cars directly to consumers. No dealers.
With limited options. I guess similar to what Tesla has been doing.

Head over HERE for more info on the Lynk & Co company.

But most importantly, click HERE for all info on William Link. Co-creator of Mannix and Columbo. 


Anonymous said...

I am really liking this company, plus they will be European and American built to ensure customers of quality.
But Volvo will make their most expensive Polster in China, interesting

Anonymous said...

These vehicles are almost Pontiac Aztec level ugly! Yikes!