Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New BYD Song SUV

 These are images showing an all new SUV from Chinese maker BYD.
I talked about their new Minivan, the Song Max a few weeks ago.
The Song Max is a really good looking Minivan, and the Song ("Non Max" I guess) looks to be another nice design from them.

And here is the real thing. 
Front and rear views are nice, but I think that profile is pretty great.
Even a bit original. 

Imagine is the next Toyota RAV4 looked that good. 
I wonder if this is an in-house design. But it shows it can be done. Honda/Acura (and others) have really no excuses for their recent designs.

So far, BYD is only selling electric buses in the US. (They even have their headquarters in L.A)
But they claim (like many other Chinese car makers have before ) to be selling cars in the US in a year or two.

The company is actually backed by warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway company. 
And they were trying to sell the E6 EV last year in the US. And even got Carb certification for it.

So they might actually be able to do it. 
At least in the design department, they would be very competitive with what we are getting here from Honda and Toyota...


Patrick said...

You also claimed this was a Lexus a few months ago...let's not forget.

Anonymous said...

Another sorry-looking miss-mash of "borrowed" design cues. Next!

Anonymous said...

The side profile reminds me a lot of the new Buick Enclave.... Looks good though.