Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jeep Grand Commander

I guess you would call these a "teaser". Or "Official illustrations".
So they are of course a bit exaggerated. But not that much.
As we have seen the real thing just a few days ago HERE

I thing the new Grand Commander will end up being quite decent looking. Unlike the base white model pix I posted earlier. 
Power will come from the revised 9 speed auto also introduced in the 2019 Cherokee. And the new 2.0 Liter Turbo. It will seat up to 7 people. 

As mentioned before, this is only for the Chinese market.
I really don't think it will last. But so far, this is still the official word from Jeep. 


Anonymous said...

Noe there's more:

Anonymous said...

I hope this thing doesn't preview the design of our next Grand Cherokee. I think the Grand Cherokee looks way better.

Philthy82 said...

If only the Jeep Dear Leader did look like these mockups; they make it just wide enough and low-roof enough to look good. The real thing looks much more like a 1st-gen Forester.