Friday, January 26, 2018

How about a Suzuki Xbee Hybrid?

There is, sometime, a very fine line between cute and ugly. I think the Suzuki Xbee is both.

It looks like a weird shrunk down version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser for some reason. 
It is tiny (almost 3 inches shorter than a 2 door Mini) and cheap (starting at around $15 000 in Japan)
You can get AWD as an option.  
Powered by a 1.0 Liter engine. 

For its size, it actually look really roomy inside. And that interior has lots of fun details.

Good to see someone is actually having fun designing tiny cars. Somewhere. 


Doug said...

Looks like a mini Honda Element, Even the dash looks like the Element's.

Anonymous said...

You mean FJ Cruiser, not XJ as in Jaguar.

AutoTribute said...

How can you guys not think of the Fiat 500L when looking at this thing?

Vince Burlapp said...

So true!!

Carl Sandstedt said...

Too small for America, but I sometimes wonder whether Suzuki would have made it had GM not stuck them with those horrible Daewoo products.