Saturday, January 13, 2018

Acura RDX Concept

As you can see, Acura is getting close to show us the RDX Concept.
This is pretty much the same as the production model that will go on sale at the end of this year.

I am sure it will look just fine. More modern and stylish than the current one.
It's just too bad they are sticking with the horrible grille design. 

They did the  same thing with their previous grille design, that was criticized all over.
They just can't seem to find a designer that can come up with something decent???


Anonymous said...

I LOVE their new grille design and can't for the life of me figure out why so many people hate it. It's so normal and similar to other brands, unlike the weird beak. The lines from the headlights are tasteful, and the shape is nice and wide. Bold but not overt and messy like the new Hyundai or Camry face.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Vince. Grill is better than before. This looks like it could be pretty nice.

tony said...

Vince, i just now saw good clear color photos of this new acura RDX on the Carscoop website. I wanted to post here and share but i did not as i dont know how you feel about that sort of thing on your blog. Anyways, i seen their photos and i think the new RDX looks very sharp looking, more edgier, sportier, aggressive...the interior /dash looks pretty good too. Only thing that seemed a bit dull to me are the beige colored leather seats....just too much beige. Maybe if they were a shade of brown leather with black inserts it would give the interior a nice premium look.

TiredOfWaiting said...

Acura wouldn't know premium if it bit em on the....errr, car seat.