Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2019 Ram 1500 Pick up truck

I think this is kind of sad looking.
Gone is the personality of the previous Ram (Dodge) trucks.
Which might actually be the last nail in Dodge's coffin.

Now it looks like a Chevy with the letters "ram"across the grille. Or a Toyota.
Or any other truck you can think of.

At least the old Dodge truck grille was very recognizable. From miles away.

Maybe this is  Sergio "The Crazy accountant"  Marchionne  's way to move away from Dodge. So he can kill the whole brand off once and for all.

More pictures HERE.


Anonymous said...

While it might not have the "big rig" styling anymore, it still looks better than the garish nose jobs on the competition's pickups.

ron said...

Third best selling vehicle, does not sound like it is on its last leg.