Friday, January 26, 2018

2019 Ram 1500 Laramie LongHorn edition

Just by its name, this has to be the most American/macho truck money can buy.
It's almost too much. Like a joke. 

While the exterior has become a bit generic compared to previous generations (Although quite a bit more tasteful too) There is no denying the interior is quite spectacular.
Whether you are into trucks or not (I am not), this is just really nice.
With just enough "Cowboy" touches here and there. It just looks exactly like what it should be.

The true 21st Century "rich" Cowboy truck. Something John Wayne or Clint Eastwood should be driving.

(Although Wayne was better known for driving Corvettes and Pontiac wagons. And Mr. Eastwood actually drives an older Mercedes coupe and a Fiat 500 EV.)


Doug said...

I like how the logo looks branded into the wood trim

longodesigns said...

It was time to make this design change. The exterior is uniform and cohesive. Considering how crazy busy other truck exteriors have become, this is a huge improvement. I'm not even in the truck market, yet I'd buy one!!!

AutoTribute said...

It looks great all around. Well done FCA.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This will send Ford back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Why make a door panel out of 20 pieces, when you can make it out of 15,000 pieces. This is just a terrible mashup of thousands of itsy bitsy little pieces of trim and buttons. I'll take the Tesla or Range Rover way of doing interiors. At least that would make visual sense. I couldn't be in an interior that's this visually messy.