Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December at Bob's Big Boy

Always a good time. Always beautiful cars.
Friday nights in Burbank. Blocks away from most Hollywood studios.

Always magic. 


Anonymous said...

Show us what you eat at Bob's Big Boy, just curious.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, Vince!

tony said...

nice pics.

Vince Burlapp said...


I usually don't eat there on Friday nights, since it is too crowded.
Otherwise a simple Burger or a salad is fine with me.

tony said...

i'm in vancouver so no Bob's Burgers here so far. We have the Five Guys Burgers, one Cali Burger downtown that recently closed. What i wish we had here is an In 'N Out burger franchaise. Vince you should set one up over here, sell burgers, write up cars and trucks and have old car show offs in the parking lot every night. And i can stuff my face with In 'N Out burgers which i keep reading how good they are. :)