Saturday, December 23, 2017

2019 Kia Ceed

 Here is the all new "Golf fighter" from Kia. Without any camouflage for the first time.

And I must say, it is quite disappointing.
Since it doesn't look really better or more modern than the current model (Hyundai's second generation curse??)
It is much less original than the previous design.
The side rear window now looks like the Niro or the larger Sorento. There is now no original line to be found.

This is really too bad....
 For comparaison, here is the current model. Which I think is still really good looking.
And more original than the new one.
And here is what they teased us with a while ago!
The Proceed Concept. They claim a wagon based on the new Ceed will look close to this.
I really doubt it.

It would be great of course, but there is no way anything based on the car pictured above will look close to this..


Anonymous said...

It looks like my 4 year old Elantra GT. Such a shame.

tony said...

i agree, the current model looks very good as is. But maybe Kia will have a sportier version of the 2018 model...who knows?

Anonymous said...

time for a designer change at Kia /Hyundai. Very disappointing designs in second generation cars since peter schreyer took the helm. Figures that since BMW and Audi's don't change much and still sell, that the same would happen with Kias/Hyundai. These are not status symbols and need better looks to sell. As a car buff, I still have a hard time seeing the differences in the current Optima, from previous one. New Rio is plain, and this new C'eed / Sportage5 is a step backwards.

Anonymous said...

Looks worse than the outgoing model. Lost the nice kink in the DLO. Looks bland and boring now.

That concept they teased was a waste. What a load of BS trying to say "the next ProCeed will look similar!" No it won't... I honestly don't see anything transferring over besides the general KIA shark face which is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

if you put this model next to the current ford focus, i'd barely be able to distinguish the two.

Dylan Mountain said...

It looks better and will sell more then last year