Thursday, December 07, 2017

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

At least from these pictures, the next Santa Fe doesn't look like that much of an improvement when compared to the current one (bottom pic)

I mean really. the current one is pretty nice looking. Actually a bit nicer than a Pilot or Highlander.
It also looks like the new Subaru Ascent a bit. 

The next one looks like it has that weird looking huge grille. The one they probably will put on everything from now on. 
The whole front end looks like a huge Kona. 

The sold over 131 000 units of the Santa Fe last year. But that also includes the 5 seater "Sport"model.
(The prototype above looks like the longer "regular" Santa Fe (Or XL in Canada)
So who knows how many they sold of the larger one...

While Toyota sold over 191 000 Highlanders . 
I guess Hyundai figures an even more conservative design is the key to success. Which didn't really work with the Sonata...

Good luck. 


Leon Olsthoorn said... here it is, I think your story of it not looking good, is rubbish. For all else, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Conservative design?? Really? Putting the ugly Kona front end on this thing isn't exactly conservative. Poor Hyundai seems to be lost these days. They had a good thing going with sharp styling, went conservative in the next generation and now seem to be swinging wildly in the ugly direction starting with the Kona and now spreading thru the line up.

Anonymous said...

So the front end will look like a huge Kona and you call that conservative?

FusioptimaSX said...

UGH, Not a fan of this at all.

Anonymous said... <--- looks like shit

Anonymous said...

It's so ugly. leave the camo on.

Anonymous said...

I am not a buyer of Hyundai cars, but this will look distinctive and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a novel idea: Let’s wait until we see the vehicle without its camo before we make decisions or give opinions concerning its looks! I don’t hardly think it’s fair to pass judgment on something before we can really see it!