Friday, December 15, 2017

2019 Honda HR-V

I guess after the Fit, it is the HR-V's turn to get a revised face .
it's really hard to tell what's new on this early prototype picture. But it is covered up, so I guess it's now. Somehow.
Here is the current model, for comparison.

The HR-V is a nice looking small SUV. At least it looks like they didn't ruin it.
I guess they will add chrome though.... To be more in line with the Civic and new Accord. 


Anonymous said...

One would hope they don't make the HR-V any homelier, but this is Honda so rest assured they'll be giving it their best shot.

tony said...

i like the current look of the HRV...I hope Honda drops in a more powerful, turbo engine. Even 160-165 HP with good low end torque be perfect for the size and weight of the vehicle. I would consider buying one if so. If i wasnt so frigging broke. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it will look better if they leave the camouflage on.