Saturday, December 09, 2017

2018/19 European VW Passat

Apparently the Euro Passat is due for a facelift pretty soon.
The white car in the illustration shows what it could look like (The other one is the current model)

Obviously, VW is on a path to put the same front end on all their cars. So the illustration shows an Artheon grille on the Passat.
(The 2019 Jetta will be similar)

I think it doesn't work. At all. There is no reason to make the grille larger.
The current model is quite tasteful.

That illustration looks like a mess. 


Anonymous said...

The Passat is the car that I like seeing other people drive.

Unknown said...

It also helps the Arteon to be a stand out vehicle, if next to the "cheap for a segment above" Passat interior now the Passat will also share it's front end...