Saturday, December 30, 2017

How about some pictures of that little BMW 1 series sedan

I kind of like this little sedan. Maybe just because I don't like the 3 series  Realizing, after a test drive, that it is nothing special at all. (Except for it high price)

I think this is probably 95% as good as the 3 series sedan. I know it is based on a FWD platform.
Which, I guess is blasphemy to the BMW purists out there. 
But most people do not care at all about FWD or RWD. So this is basically a no issue for potential BMW buyers who mainly care about the BMW badge.

The interior of the 1 series seems actually nicer than the 3. And maybe even roomer. (Thanks to FWD)
It seems to have a huge trunk too.
And you can get that oversize sunroof. 

I think this would work very well in the US. The Audi A3 seems pretty popular. Mercedes is getting their all new A Class sedan ready . (And a new CLA hatch is also on its way) 

And guess what, BMW is actually thinking the same thing. Since there have been rumors about the small sedan going on sale in the US in 2019. (HERE)
Which would be too early for a new generation, so it would be the exact car you see above.
it would also mean it will probably be imported from China.

The only problem would be the poor old 3 series. Which could suffer from the new smaller model.
An all new 3 series as around the corner. So it would have about a year before the 1 comes out in the US.
The new 3 will probably also be larger anyway. (now creating another problem for the 5..)

What do you think? Are small sedans from "luxury" car makers the next big thing?

Last night at Bob's.

Just a few pictures of some of the wonderful machines I saw last night at the weekly gathering at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank.

Another amazing display of beautiful things form the past.

Friday, December 29, 2017

2018/19 Renault Sandero

 This is basically the Renault version of the Dacia model sold in Europe.
Although the Renault is sold mostly in south Africa and south America.

And guess what? It's getting a facelift for the new year. (Like many of us)

The front is only slightly changed.
But the rear lights are very different.
 And kind of nicer...

For those of us (which is most of us) who have never seen a Sandero, here is what the current model looks like. It starts at around 6000 Euros in Europe.
Which makes is a super cheap car at under $7000...

It doesn't seem that bad for the money. Even is you click all the options it probably still ends up under $10 000.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2019 Volvo S60?

No it is not. So far this is just an illustration.

But it shows what the next S60 could look like if it were to adopt a design similar to last year's "40.2 Concept".
Since the other one shown at the same time, the "40.1" ended up being 99% of the actual XC40 design. It is fair to assume the 40.2 is very close to the next S40.

The illustration above shows a larger sedan based on that design.

Which, I think, looks great.
It is actually nice to see Volvo going back to a rather square look after all these years.
They did figure out a nice way to make "square" look pretty futuristic.

Let's hope the final version looks close to this...

2019 Hyundai Veloster

Looks like Hyundai has already started promoting the all new Veloster. At least in Korea.
Still "camouflaged" but you can pretty much see everything there is to see.

And it looks quite nice. Except, as I mentioned before, for that big and useless grille up front.

It is also very nice to see a second generation of such a fun and corky model. So, good for them.

Thanks to a reader for the tip!

Tesla Pick-up

This image is shows the upcoming Tesla pick up truck.
Or does it?

Tesla is more than busy getting hundreds of thousands of Model 3 sedans produced, so this could change a lot.

I do like futuristic stuff, but this might be a bit much for truck buyers? (Although they already have a lot of orders for their semi .)
At least it will stand out from the F-150 crowd. I do applaud the EV part of it, the clean futuristic design and the lack of tacky chrome.
But isn't it what pick up truck buyers love? "Chromy and square"

There might be a market for this somewhere.

Elon Musk has also mentioned, again, that the Model Y would be next. A smaller crossover based on the Model 3. These two need to be produced pronto if the company wants to finally make money.

If you ask me, I think a small company like Tesla should concentrate on few things. The main one now is to actually produce the Model 3 in decent numbers, and with good quality.
So far it hasn't happened.

A semi, a pick up and a $200 000 sports car seem to be a waste of precious resources.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2019 Porsche 911

Just a couple more pictures of the all new redesigned Porsche 911 for next year.
The rear lights and the interior now match the current Porsche designs. From the Panamera and new Cayenne.

I am actually surprised an all new one is just around the corner. 
The current model  still seems to me like "the new one". 
But it came out in 2012! (I guess I was in some stupor for the past 6 years...)

2019 Jeep Grand Commander

This is still only scheduled for the Chinese market. But you can bet it will end up in the US sooner than later. 
Once it is out, I am sure US dealers will lobby very strongly for Jeep to bring this over here.

The main powertrain is supposed to be the new 2.0 Liter Turbo/8 speed auto combo.
And it does seat 7. 

So I guess this would fit between the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee. (?)
Grand Commander still sounds like a weird name to me. Since there is no such thing as a "Commander" in there first place.

December at Bob's Big Boy

Always a good time. Always beautiful cars.
Friday nights in Burbank. Blocks away from most Hollywood studios.

Always magic. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

And now for something really, really ugly: 2018 Toyota Alphard

 That's right.
This is mind blowing ugly.

And it is not from a weird unknown Chinese company. But a Toyota.
The current Alphard van came out for 2015. And it is now getting a new "face".
One that is more inspired by super hero movie villains than actually car designs.

 Just when you though the Alphard was unbearable to look at, this shows up!

Another version of that same van called the Vellfire. Vellfire!!!
Which pushed the ugly to another level.

I wonder if they really meant "Hellfire". Which would actually make more sense for such a nightmarish creature.

 And things are not better from the back. As you can see.
This is way beyond the usual "What are they smoking?".
 Inside is expectingly horrible, but actually tame when compared to the outside mess.
And this is the current model. Out since 2015.
It was already super ugly.

Toyota just couldn't leave it alone. Someone there thought they could push the monstrosity a bit further, and they did...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

New VW sedan...

Hard to tell what this is.

One of the many compact sedans VW sells around the world I guess.
But it is NOT our all new 2019 Jetta. Although it looks a lot like it.
So they probably do share a lot.

 Here is the 2019 Jetta. Front lights, bumper and 3rd side window shape are different than the other sedan above.

But it does look a lit like it...
And here is the all new Virtus sedan for south America. Which is basically a Polo sedan.

What do you think??

Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid pricing.

The all new Plug-in version of the Ioniq hybrid will start at $25 000. And $28 300 for the Limited model.
Which, I think, is quite amazing.
These prices are before incentives. With in some case could lower the price to about $15 000.
For a nice looking car (so much nicer inside and out than the Prius) that will get you 29 miles of EV range. And  52MPG after that. 
This is about $3000 less than the Kia Niro I mentioned earlier. 
And around $2000 less than the Prius Prime. (with a 25miles EV range)
Unlike the Prius, the Ioniq comes with Apple Car play and a sunroof option as well. 

I know the Niro is about 3 times as popular as the Ioniq, in the US. 
But I think this aggressive pricing should really help.

I mean, even if you are not into getting a Hybrid, a loaded version of this could be less than a basic Corolla or Civic. 
The EV range and super high mileage is just an added bonus.

I also think this will make life pretty hard for the upcoming Honda Insight. Which should end up costing thousands more after incentives, (Since it won't qualify)