Thursday, November 16, 2017

Even more pix of the 2018 Buick Envision.

I think that new butt is what the Envision should have had from the beginning.
It has much more personality.

But I still think the Envision's main problem is that no one knows it even exists.
Some advertising would help. Unless GM can't (or won't) import more from China for some reason???

What do you think?
Will a new grille, LED lights, a 9 speed auto and a new butt save the Envision?


Doug said...

Vince, Buick has been advertising the crap out of the Envision, at least where I live.

Anonymous said...

What's a Buick?

Dylan Mountain said...

They advertise vehicles that make them money. Envision doesn't. The Enclave does. They want to have a place holder for Buick people or Chevy people who want to upgrade but don't want to sell many because it might even cost them money.