Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Another teaser for the next Aston Martin Vantage

This is the second teaser for the upcoming Vantage.
(The first one is HERE)

We still can't see much. But it still looks a lot like the DB10. Which is expected after seeing all these camouflaged prototypes.

I must say, I am not sure what is going on on the left of that picture. Above the rear part of the car.
Is that a giant ridiculous spoiler (That was not on the first teaser )
Why? What??
As a small reminder, here is Jame's Bond's DB10.


Unknown said...

The left picture should be the upcoming 2018 GT Pro racer for the WEC world championship. It's got the high rear wing and the usual GT racer style aero parts

Unknown said...

The one on the left is the racing version for the upcoming 2018 WEC world championship. The thing above its rear is just the high racing style rear wing and you could kind of see the aero parts too