Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another teaser fo the 2019 Mercedes CLS

 Again, nothing we haven't seen before.

As the CLS will have the exact same interior (with 4 doors instead of two) as the E-Class coupe and convertible.
And these 2 models already have the same interior as the regular E-Class sedan. Except for the dashboard vent design.

The only "new" in the picture is the horrible red lighting everywhere.
Also the red colors of the vents. Hard to say if it is some weird lighting effect or just stupid red plastic. (That would be really terrible)

 Here is the dashboard of the E-Class Convertible
And the coupe.

All three are the same.

Why pick this part of the car to show in a teaser???

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Unknown said...

To show that business is the same as usual over at benz and not to get too excited