Monday, November 20, 2017

2019 Mercedes G-Class interior

Yes, THIS is what the next G-Class 4X4 looks like inside.

The amount of chrome, disconnected shapes and various cheesy chrome bits is staggering.
This will sit on top of the food chain of vulgar vehicle choices for rich douchebags and Russian mafia types.
Following the long tradition of the current model.

I wonder if there will be a true simple, hardcore 4X4 version of it.
Like this guy OTTO. (Which, to me, portrays the best the Mercedes G-Class can be.)

But I guess not. As Mercedes seems to relish catering to the most vulgar of the wealthy clients.


Harry_Wild said...

Looks like a $140K+ interior to me! Love it! Now, where can I get the $$$$$$?

Anonymous said...

Harry-Wild if you do not have $$$$s how can you tell this interior is $140k? Hanging around dealerships....?

Anonymous said...

Love the clock down by your knees.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame how the original G-Class was a basically a military vehicle known for it's rugged simplicity and durability and now it's basically a showcase vehicle for the rich who don't even know what's under the hood. Would of been nice to see Mercedes bring it back to its roots in some version. Hopefully Land Rover does that with the upcoming Defender, but that's probably not likely sadly.

Anonymous said...

Just like the new Jeep Wrangler, they've chickfied the interior. Goes with where the rest of society is going- the death of all things manly.