Monday, October 23, 2017

New Toyota JPN taxi

I don't know anything about taxi requirements in japan. But it looks like Toyota wants to sell a bunch of these especially made models.
Just like Nissan was trying to push a weird version of their NV200 Van in New York a while ago.

This one looks 100% designed for taxi duty.

It has a really weird, almost endearing, 1990s vibe to it.
Especially inside where it looks like a mix of 90's Toyota interiors and Syd Mead designs for Blade Runner.

It is strangely retro...

And by the way, what ever happened to that Nissan one???


Anonymous said...

The Nissan are all over New York !

Anonymous said...

These would be great here in the US! Compared to the NV200's 24mpg, this vehicle should get double that, it's basically a Prius with passenger space, it would be a Win Win for Taxi owners and passengers.

PGA said...

Might be good but I would prefer riding a passengers van like some Transit Connect than looking at this Toyota.