Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Mazda Concepts coming up

 This first one is an obvious preview of the next Mazda3 hatchback.
The Mazda3 has been a great looking car for generations. They never mess it up.
So it looks like the next one will continue that great tradition.

This other concept is more of a puzzler.
Some other sites think it might be a preview of the next RX-8.

I actually think this might show the design direction for the next Mazda6.
It would also make sense for Mazda to show both Concepts at the same time.

And the current Mazda6 is called a 2017 1/2. Not a 2018. Which is kind of weird. But might also mean a real 2018 might be coming later. (An all new one)
I think it might be what the 2010 Shinari concept was: a futuristic preview of the next Mazda6.

Whatever this is, it already looks really good.

Here is at the 2010 Shinari concept. Which was a preview of pretty much every Mazda model that was coming after...


FFEMT6 said...

I love Mazda's current Kodo design theme,and their whole line is leading their segment in design imho. The teaser lines on these concepts look to be even more upscale. With the Toyota/Mazda electric car partnership, the future looks bright for Mazda.

Harry_Wild said...

Mazda ended it relationship with Ford and now back in to another relationship with Toyota! LOL!