Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New for the most boring design of the Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota Crown Concept

There is really no excuse for this in 2017.
Sure, the Crown is a very old model that has always been pretty conservative. And executive car etc...
But this is now 2017! (reminder)
And this is labeled a "concept". Which means the production version is even worse??

Compare this with Mazda's new effort with the Vision Coupe (featured bellow on the  site)
A true world class, inspiring design. Creating something people want and desire. Much classier and expensive looking than this Toyota.
Will the next Mazda 6 look that good? Of course not.
But this is an amazing concept design.
Even if the production model ends up looking 1% as good, it will still be 100 times better than the new Crown.

This is really a disgrace. 


Anonymous said...

Hyundai called, they want their 2017 Sonata Hybrid front end back.

4xForward said...

Toyota's Sonata?

Anonymous said...

Toyota Accord?