Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More pictures of the new VW T-Roc

Let's take a look a that good looking T-Roc one more time.
Even in white it looks good!

But VW will not bring this over to the US. They claim they have another compact SUV in the cards for us.
I wonder why. So far the only "US Special" model is the US Passat. A "lame" version of the European model.
So I wonder if we'll get something based on the new Jetta over here.
Something bigger and not as good looking as the T-Roc, of course....


Anonymous said...

Seems like a complete waste of time, effort, resources and money for VW to (as some reports say) develop a new compact SUV for the US market when they already have the perfect model -- the SWB Tiguan. The T-Roc, which is more of a sub-compact SUV, would slot nicely underneath it. It's not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive, but VW would have to match the Hyundai warranty to even consider it.

4xForward said...

It's such a mistake not selling this in the US.