Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mazda Kai concept

This is basically a concept version of the next Mazda3 hatchback, due out next year.
And it looks pretty fantastic.

A very modern looking take on the compact hatchback.
The interior has an all new look and feel. Finally getting rid of the "stuck up tablet" look.
It just looks great.

Let's just hope that Mazda keeps most of this design for the production version. As this has a fantastic modern, muscular look to it...


Anonymous said...

Remember Mazda did FCA a favor with the Miata based Fiat 124. The new display interface may be the pay back Mazda got from FCA.

Anonymous said...

Mazda is the only Japanese company producing beautiful designs!

Anonymous said...

Kind of strange. No rear overhang to speak of. I am sure rear legroom will be great, but cargo will also be limited without rear seats down.

will maccormac said...

It'll be interesting to compare a fully loaded next gen 3 to the base next gen A class. They both look to be good looking cars.. one is supposed to be more premium but lets see..