Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lexus LS+ Concept (???)

 This is the weirdest idea for a concept ever.
The all new Lexus LS is barely out, and Lexus is showing what a 2020 model could look like. Why???

The above picture is the current 2018 model which is all new.
You can see the concept is a bit different looking, but not much.
So it's probably a preview of the 2020 facelift. Not sure why they would show that now??

Here is some of the official "PR BS":
-  "The Lexus LS+ Concept suggests the future look of the LS."
-  " The LS+ Concept produces a dignified expression as a flagship and indicates the direction of the next generation Lexus design".
Which is the exact same as now!

I bet dealers are happy. Showing the "next generation" at the same time as the current model is just reaching showrooms.

I don't get it...


Anonymous said...

It also won't help Lexus dealers much that the rear 3/4 view of the all-new $75K LS looks almost exactly like a $25K Camry.

Johnny said...

Maybe this is a preview of a 2020 full electric or hydrogen version.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible this previews the LWB version?

Soul2Stinger said...

Looks like someone was pissed their concept didn't see the light of day before the production model appeared. There is nothing "+" about this, unless this is to be a LWB version.