Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All new Buick Excelle wagon in Chinese showroom

Although it is based on the European Astra wagon, the Excelle wagon, just like its sedan version, has its own design.
But also its own interior. Although it does look 100% Opel, it is deferent from the Astra (As someone here mentioned in earlier comments)

Not sure why they didn't just gave it the Astra interior, but this looks quite nice.
And it would look really good inside our Cascada. (That model is really in need of a more modern/up to date dashboard.)
I still think this could have been a really cool smaller Buick for the US as well. Maybe a slightly raised up version. More like an Outback.
Would have been a nice competition to the VW Sportswagon.

But since this is now all owned/manufactured by Peugeot, I guess not...

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