Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2019 Ram 1500 pick up truck Interior

This is a weird style exercice between strangely retro (plastic chrome and fake wood) and futuristic.
Like a 70's version of Blade Runner.

This Tesla like huge vertical screen in the center of the next Ram 1500 pick up seems like 2 worlds colliding.

This might actually turn out pretty cool. Much more modern than the current Ford F150.
But who knows what GM has in store for the upcoming Chevy and GMC trucks...

You can see more of this interior HERE.

But also, check ou the new exterior for the 2019 Ram 1500 HERE, with its very "unDodge" new grille...

2018 Jeep Wrangler


It seems we have been seeing spy shots of this for so many years...
And it does look exactly like what it is supposed to be; a Jeep Wrangler.
Which is a good thing.

No other official news so far. but we know the V6 will still be available,e. and a new 2.0 Liter Turbo will also be offered.

More very soon...

Monday, October 30, 2017

All new Navara based Nissan SUV for 2018

New pictures of an upcoming all new Nissan SUV surfaced HERE today.
It is said to be based on the Navara pick up truck.
The Navara has been sold in many country for a while now. Except the US.

(Nissan also announced that the new Frontier will be specific to the US, not just a rebadged naval. We'll see...) 

But this "new SUV' is just the Paladin I mentioned earlier HERE

 Here is the picture I posted a few weeks ago.

And here is a new one.

In my first post about the Paladin, I was wondering if it could ever become a new Xterra on the US.
(Since "Paladin" was always the name of the "Xterra" in other markets)

But this looks pretty large.
Although the rumor is it will be offered in 2 versions. 5 and 7 seats.
So a shorter 5 seater could maybe work as the next Xterra?

What do you think?
Since Ford is getting a new Bronco ready based on the new Ranger, why not?

Toyota Fielder Wagon

This is not a new car. Just something we are not getting here.
The Fielder is the wagon version of the Japanese Corolla.

I just think it looks nice, in a quiet way. With more wagons being sold in the US, like the VW Sportwagen or Subarus, I wonder if there will be enough of a market for Toyota to bring back the Corolla wagon.
The Corolla is due for an all new model sometime at the end of next year.
I think it would be just fine to again offer inexpensive wagons over here.

What do you think?

Weird/lame Chinese market facelift for the previous Chevrolet Malibu

 Not sure why, but it looks like they are still selling the previous generation Chevrolet Malibu in China.
And now, they are trying to make it look more like the previous generation Chevrolet Cruze.

Or generally worse than it was a few years ago.

 Same thing inside. The "new" dashboard is on top.

And looking pretty terrible when compared to the original, much nicer design.
Again, it seems like it's trying to look like a larger version of the old Cruze...

As reminder, here is the 2014 Malibu.
Still looking pretty nice...

2018 Hyundai IX35 Interior

I posted pictures of the ix35 before. It is a new compact SUV from Hyundai.
Only for the Chinese market (At least so far)
It looks much more square than any other Hyundai SUVs we have here and in Europe.

I just was this interior picture and though I would post it .

I guess it does fit the rather tricky/square exterior.

Usually, the IX 35 name is used on the overseas version of our Tucson.
Mainly in Europe and Australia. So this is another IX35.

Not sure yet if this will make it over here or anywhere outside of China, since it is based on the Tucson and is pretty much the same size...

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Honda's simpler days...

 They even said it on their ads: "We make it simple".
They also looked simple. In a good way. I mean look at all of these!

Honda used to be special, in that simple way. Which helped them acquire a huge following in the US.
Now they are just another popular brand. They designs are overly complicated.
Too many lines everywhere, chrome bits, fake grilles and vents. It borderlines on the vulgar.

Look at the cars above. The first Accord was great! And only a hatchback for a while.
Even the early Civics. And the tiny "coupe" was a complete original.

There is a little bit of hope in these recent concepts. They "say" Honda.
The small Urban EV above will see production in a coupe of years.
Let's hope the Sports EV follows suit.

And especially, let's hope they inspire there designs of the next generation Civic and Accord.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

2018 Cadillac XTS

I've always liked the XTS. And I am glad Cadillac has decided to keep it around.
At least a few more years. (And they didn't give it a stupid time, like "CT5" or something...)

But I am still not getting used to the new 2018 lights. 
Why design something that looks so thick?
These new LEDs on the sides of the headlights should have been much, much thinner.
Or better yet, replace the headlights all together. For a truly modern look.

But, I still think it looks better than the CT6....

What do you think?

2018 Aston Martin Vantage teaser

 I guess now we can see what the tail light will look like.
Not exactly the same as the DB10.
 Here is what he had seen so far of the new Vantage. Looking a lot like a production version of the DB10
And here is the DB 10 used in the James Bond film.
(Good to see that great design being used for more than a movie prop.)

The current vantage is the cheapest Aston Martin model, starting at around $104 000 for the V8 version.
The new one is expected to be a little more expensive and come with the new AMG V8 also used in the DB11. (A V12 will come later as well)

The current one came out in 2005. And the 12 year old Fisker design still looks great.

2018 Citroen Cactus

 So the Cactus has now lost its funky "air bumps" all over.
And the new "fake grille" up front makes it look much more conservative.
It basically now looks like a previous generation, not something more modern.
That super clean and modern front end is gone. Which is really too bad...

 Same thing in the back. it almost looks like anything else now... Trying really hard to be a car for everyone.

Thank God they didn't ruin the cool interior. (new one on top)

I drove a Cactus for a few days a couple of years ago and loved it. (HERE) It is a very comfortable car. The 3 cylinder engine was great. And it had tons of personality.
Some of that personality is now gone, but it still is quite a funky little car.

The big news is that it now comes with Citroen's new "suspension with Progressive Hydrolic Cushions".Which apparently reproduces the legendary "magic carpet ride" older Citroens were known for. (Without all that complicated and costly air suspension)
So that could be great.
Something that would again make a Citroen more special.

It's just too bad this isn't sold over here....

2019 Mid Engine Chevrolet Corvette

The one thing I really miss about current Corvettes are the round tail lights.
I actually think it should be something all Chevy cars should have.
One of the few deign cues that would link the current model to their history.
But no...

This is the rear of the upcoming mid engine Corvette for 2019. And these look more like what we see on the current Camaro.

What do you think???

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2019 Volvo S60

Now that the new XC60 is out, it is time for the rest of the "60' line up to come out.
Like the S60 sedan pictured above.

This is obviously just an illustration. And it basically shows a smaller version of the S90 sedan.
Just like the XC60 looks a lot like a smaller XC90.

I just hope for a little bit more.
Something a bit more daring. The XC40 is a great are design (So the S40 based on it should look quite interesting)

Let's really hope the new S60 sedan looks more interesting that this illustration.

So far we only have a few pictured of highly camouflaged prototypes of the sedan HERE.
And the V60 wagon HERE and HERE.

2018 BMW X2

 I have to say, they kept most of the design we saw in 2016 on their preview concept.
Otherwise, it is just a slightly sportier looking (and more expensive) X1 SUV.

Also notice that, it is pretty generic looking. It could be a Hyundai or Kia design, really.
And BMW must know this since they decided to put a BMW logo on the side of the car!
Which looks completely ridiculous!

But I guess it is the only way to make sure people know it's a BMW...

X2 interior is the picture on top.
The other one is the X1.
So for more, you get the same thing...

How much more? We don't know yet.
but a base X1 starts t around $ 34 000 in the US, so this could be close to $40 000...