Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Honda Urban EV Concept

This is really cute.
It also shows Honda still has a couple of good designers left. Which is good news.
Why can't their other designs be that simple and good looking?

Of course, this is a concept. And they have teased us before with cool small cars concepts.

But they have announced that a production version this will be on sale in Europe in 2019. Which is great news.
2019 is pretty much when a new Fit is due. So let's hope this is a preview of the next Fit.
Which would be a massive improvement over the convoluted mess we have now.

Or, it just could be an all new pure EV model, smaller than the Fit.

Who knows....


Pepedrabbit said...
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Anonymous said...

They should build it. Right now. Exactly like this.

Unknown said...

What the original civic from the 70's should have grown up to become
Looks terrific

Unknown said...

not cute, but very cool!

Harry_Wild said...

Looks like the AMC Gremlin! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Nice mark I VW golf GTI... Oh wait.

ayodangit said...

if this was sold in the US, i would totally buy one no joke.