Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2021/22 Ferrari SUV

After saying "never", Ferrari is now of course working on an SUV.

It is supposed to come out in 20200 as a 2021 model. And they are already predicting that by 2022, it will have doubled the brand's profits.
Amazing. And of course, sad.

These companies do make money. Enough to come out with their sports cars. Porsche does NOT need money from the Cayenne to keep coming up with a new 911. (They are part of that giant VW conglomerate anyway)

I guess Ferrari is the last one to sell out.

The picture above is obviously a very early clay model. So it is probably not the final design. At all.
It is also a 2 door, which is weird. Maybe their way of saying "see? we're not completely selling out"?.
Who knows...

It might not look like this. It might have 4 doors. But it's coming.

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Rudy said...


This was a proposed design for the Ferrari FF.