Wednesday, August 09, 2017

2018 Toyota Supra

The top picture is the real thing.
The red car is the 2014 FT1 concept.
So basically, it took 4 years...

And thank God the ghastly looking concept has been toned down quite a bit for production.

As we all know, it is based on the same platform as the next BMW Z4 (in what has to be the weirdest automobile brand partnership ever...)
Spy shots have even shown similar interiors for the two cars. I hope it will change for production.

This will probably be quite expensive. As I don't really think Toyota is into selling 2 door sports cars anymore.
They just want to be able to say they have them. Unlike Nissan and the Z, which is actually still quite affordable.

We'll see..


Unknown said...

It will be yet another overpriced, underpowered, weirdly styled Toyota sports car, as per usual. The plot hasn't changed in 30 years.

Harry_Wild said...

It not the same size as the previous Supra! This is about size of a Miata.

Anonymous said...

Fat but weak

el_monty said...

I disagree about "ghastly looking concept". It looked effing fantastic. If anything I'm worried that the production version seems too toned down by comparison.