Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mitsubishi Delica Concept

 Apparently, Mitsubishi isn't yet ready to show us the full production model yet (after 10 years)
So what we see here might still be a concept version.

The Delica is legendary in many countries (not the US obviously), and this will be the 6th generation.
It pretty much as an image similar to the VW bus.

But that current Mitsubishi ghastly front end design ruins everything it is on.
And this one might be the worst version ever.
I mean this just looks like a cartoon version of a car/van. And old at the same time.

Things are better in the back, where the design tries to stay a bit closer to the current generation.
(But they still had to add a bit of that stupid "floating roof" design cue, didn't they...)

Here is the current 10 year old design.

I would seriously advise Mitsubishi to save their money and keep this one for a few more years.

2018 BMW 8 series

If you loved the 8 series concept, be ready to be disappointed when the production model comes out.

I am not saying it will be ugly. I am sure it'll be pretty nice.
But look at the production prototype front end (pic on top) compared to the concept
That great slant backward is all but gone. What gave the car so much personality isn't there anymore.
And why??? Who knows.
The whole thing now looks even more like a Mustang.

Not sure why BMW would tease a great looking concept just months before the actual, much more boring, model comes out.
I think the same thing will happen to the Z4. That great concept will probably end up looking 10 times better than the real carg.

Head over HERE to see yourself. (you will also see more pix of that horrific Rolls Royce SUV)

New Kia Concept

Kia will show this all new concept at the Frankfurt auto show. (No official name yet)

From what they say, it looks like it would be a preview of maybe the wagon version of the next generation Europe only  Cee'd :
"the extended hot hatch retains the athleticism of the current pro_ cue'd"

Well... That doesn't look anything like the Cee'd. At all.
I think this would be a great idea for the next generation Optima. In a sea of Camrys and Accord, this would really stand out.

Here is the next version of the Cee'd testing around.
As you can see, it looks nothing (at all) like the concept above.
Even if you imagine a longer wagon version.
The proportions and size are just too different.

We'll have to wait and see if that gorgeous concept design ever becomes something or not....

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Bentley Continental GT colors

Looking better, IMO, in these other colors.
(that orange actually looks really cool, somehow.. .)

I am now seriously thinking about setting up another KickStarter called "Get Burlapp a new Bentley".

2018 Bentley Continental GT in "BurlappVision" video

It's really true: until you can actually own one, there is NO (that means zero) better way to enjoy the all new 2018 Bentley Continental GT than a full glorious "BurlappVison" experience.

So HERE it is.

The world is now a better place....

Mini Electric Concept

This just looks like a regular Mini with weird bits on it...

We all know a Mini EV is coming soon. Probably next year.
BMW hasn't mentioned anything about the concept powertrain. Like range.

I think the Mini would make a great EV. But anything coming out in 2018 should at least get a 200 miles range to be taken seriously.
Mini isn't saying anything about that...

Let's hope their electric technology has improved since the 114 miles i3. (Which is still 114 miles for 2018.)

2018 Continental GT: The details

 Everything looks great and very expensive.
As it should be.

And that (optional) rotating display seems really cool.

2018 Bentley Continental GT

Well, that was fast.
The same day we see new pictures of the prototype, these official shots appear.

And it does look really nice. (Too bad they chose a rather common looking color for the photo shoot...)
This looks much lighter, svelte, than the outgoing model.
And thank God, it is stepping away from the squared off design cues of the current Flying Spur and the ugly Bentayga)

And that interior looks great.

And now, the V12 (W12) engine now has cylinder deactivation. So you can go 200 miles instead of 150 before your next fill up.

A nice touch, isn't it?

New pictures of the 2018 Porsche Cayenne

Just more pictures of the all new Cayenne.
The 'all new" part is pretty had tell, I must say...

And, while does look nice (just like the previous one did) it still will probably start at above $60 000.
For that price, it doesn't look that upscale to me.

If this is only to impress neighbors and co-workers, why not get a used one that looks 90% the same?

2019 Chevrolet Malibu

The 2019 Malibu isn't the weirdest thing on this picture. (And the others over HERE)
It looks like the usual mid-cycle refresh where all plastic parts are new. Bumpers, grille, lights etc...

But they were testing these cars in Spain. Where the Malibu is NOT sold. With German plates.
Also where the Malibu is NOT sold.

Also. What is that SUV in the background??
It wears similar camouflage, so that would mean GM. But again, in Europe where GM isn't in business anymore since they sold Opel to Peugeot.

Why testing the Malibu in Europe?
What is that mystery SUV?

What do you think???

Don't you hate not knowing what is going on???

2018 Bentley Continental GT

They are not re-inventing the wheel here, but the 3rd generation Continental GT is shaping up to the best looking so far.

The upcoming 2018 model prototype has lost most of its camouflage (top pic)
It seems lower and sportier than the current model (middle pic)
And greatly influenced by the 2015 Concept (bottom pic)

Nothing crazy here since the V8 and V12 should return.
But they will also be joined by all all new plug-in version.

All pictures of the new 2018 Continental GT prototype are HERE.

Later in the year, an all new, much sleeker,  Flying Spur sedan is also coming out. Replacing the current "boring/dated/rather cheap looking" model.

Start saving!

Monday, August 28, 2017

2018 BMW i3

The big news for the new year is the addition of a sportier 13S model.
Many with a bit more power, lighter wheels and stiffer suspension.
Not sure if anyone was asking for that, but why not...

Looks like the main changes are a new bumper and other small details.
The interior looks exactly the same.
Which is good news. It always looked great.

The better news should be an improvement over the current 114 miles EV range. Which is really not a lot for a $44 000 EV these days...

I really like the i3. It is actually my favorite BMW. As I am not a big fan of super overpriced compact sedans.

2018 BMW X4

 The new one is on top.

It looks like it finally lost these really weird/overdone side lines. Which is good.
Otherwise I'm not sure this will convince current owners to run to their dealers and get the "new one"...

Also cleaner and more attractive from the back.
But now it really looks like a Mercedes...

I guess this is ready to go, and official pictures should be right around the corner.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

2018 Kia K4

The K4 is a sedan for the Chinese market.
Instead of taking design cues from the Optima, it looks like a small version of the more conservative Cadenza.
It seems to be targeted to an older audience. People who want a classic luxury feel and look (and lots of chrome), in a smaller package.

That actually cracked me up. Imagine driving the "Cachet' version of a car. Any car.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

2018 Honda Fit.

 I just got really bored and started looking at pictures of the 2018 Honda Fit.
The regular version (Not the horrible looking new "sport" one)

And it actually does look nicer than before. It seems like they toned down the design a bit.
At least the plastic parts they changed for 2018. Which are mostly bumpers..
(The silver car is the new one. )

It  is more obvious from the rear.
Where the weird fake vertical vents in the bumper are gone.
The whole thing is a bit more pleasing. They also got rid of that weird bump on the side of the bumpers.

Sure, it is still not as nice looking's the previous version, but I think the 2018 model is a step in the right direction.