Tuesday, July 18, 2017

All new Mercedes X-Class

The production model is ht eyelid wine on top.
I just wonder why they just couldn't keep the design from last year's concept (White truck)

I mean really. It wasn't that futuristic to begin with. Why???

This is basically a Nissan truck with a Mercedes front end and Interior, so nothing pure Mercedes at all.
And, surprisingly, NOT for the US. (Because, you know, we don't like pick up trucks...)

More pictures very soon. 


Anonymous said...

Joke. And a very bad joke at that.

Anonymous said...

Not as much of a joke as the kind of journalism that produces: "ht eyelid wine"

Anonymous said...

It's a joke. I'll take a RAM Longhorn with 4-wheel air suspension instead, thank you. Leave the mini-trucks to the "wanna-be" poor.