Monday, July 31, 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf

Here is the real thing. No camouflage, but blurry pix.

And it does link more aggressive than the current model. More angular.
While retaining almost all the glass and structure of the current one (Despite what a few obsessed Nissan fanboys might claim)
So, not an all new car, but most buyers will think it is. And I am sure Nissan will advertise it as such.

Of course, these pictures say nothing about the new EV range.
Which will of course be better than the current one.
But I really doubt it will match the amazing range of the Bolt.
Or the Model 3. Unless there is some "super battery pack" option. And in that case, it will end up being the same or more expensive than both the Bolt or Model 3.
(In its heart, this is still a 2011 Versa.)

We will know all that in just a few days...


Anonymous said...

Sexy fuc(1^€ beast from the worlds current largest automaker

Anonymous said...

Hey vince u loser. Fan boys denotes fanatic and yes meaning obsessed. Why so harsh on Nissan People. U r a true dolt

Vince Burlapp said...

And....there you go.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right.

Anonymous said...

From the obvious Bolt fanboy himself. You know nothing of what this car can do yet you are doubting its capabilities? I think you are exactly the same as any other fanboy Vincent

Anonymous said...

A golf cart no matter how expensive, is still not a REAL AUTOMOBILE.

el_monty said...

Doesn't look bad actually! I'm pleasantly surprised that they managed to arrive to this shape while keeping the shape of the windows and doors.