Monday, July 17, 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf: Still not all new.

Just another picture of the next Nisan Leaf.
As you can see, (on these earlier pictures as well) the Leaf will not be an all new car.
It will have new body panels on top of the current car's structure. And all the glass is the same (Except the rear hatch)
(Which is what Ford has been doing on many of their models for years)

Having the same proportions as the current model, it won't turn into a sleek sporty car all of a sudden, like some predicted.

And why not. Most buyers just want a better range, instead of something 100% new.
Let's hope they can at least match the Bolt's 238 miles range...


Anonymous said...

In this picture the back actually looks different. More like a regular hatchback shape. Everything else pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

Nissan has two s's

Anonymous said...

Coonter. It's very very different from old car. As a matter of fact pal every panel and piece is brand spankin