Friday, July 21, 2017

2018 Mitsubishi Expander (Yes! "Expander"!)

I am not kidding.

That new Mitsubishi MPV I posted pictures of a few days ago will be called the "Expander".

It does sound like a joke.
Another joke is that front end design. What the hell is this??? I know this must have been done before the Nissan takeover, obviously.
Poor Nissan has A LOT of work to do to turn this mess of a company around.

I mean, they spend the little money they have into some small minivan thing. And made it look like this!?

All I can say is: good luck with that!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Juke's and Kona's direction where the headlights are on the bottom

Syrax said...

The front end isn't that much different from what other brands are doing. This is a Fiat Toro/ Range Rover Evoque saturated. And, in Japan, it isn't the most outrageous design.