Thursday, July 13, 2017

2018 BMW X2 interior

The upcoming X2 is on top. The current X1 interior is pictured right bellow it.
And, as you can see, it looks like BMW didn't bother designing a new interior for the new model. At all.

Since the X2 is based on the X1, it will be getting the exact same interior. With less room.
The X2 being a sleeker, lower version of the X1.

And of course, since it has a "2" in its name, it'll be more expensive than the X1.

the concept was very nice looking. The production model seems to be a bit taller/boxier.
Resembling the X1 more. Which really defeat the purpose....

By they way, they interior is really nothing special.
I mean look at it. The X1 starts at over $35 000. Not a cheap car at all.
I best most of the ones on the lot are well above $40 000 too.

The new Mazda CX-5 starts at $10 000 less!

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Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. The interior of the x1 is phenomenal. The design isn't groundbreaking, but It feels like money.