Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2018 Audi A8 video in full capacity "BurlappVision"

THERE is it.
The ultimate video experience of the all new Audi A8.
In full "BurlappVision" no less.

I still think this is really not a step forward compared to the current model.
For myself, I couldn't care less about self driving cars, so I have zero interest in that new technology in the A8.
If you have a driver in the first place, what is the point?

They seem to be really proud of the lights, in this car. The whole thing inside and out is like a Las Vegas   casino.
Otherwise, that super flat dashboard is practically devoid of style (I know, "lack of" is also a type of style...)
And the overall feel of the interior is really cold.
They could take a clue from Volvo interiors that's for sure...

But for something that will top at over $100 000, it's pretty sad.

Click HERE for the experience. 

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Gromit said...

The dashboard's reminiscent of the Audi 100's, circa 1971.