Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tesla model Y teaser

Today we are seeing the very first teaser of tesla's next all new car: the Model Y SUV.
As they mentioned before, it will not be based on the new Model 3. (Even though they are of similar sizes)

Here is what we see when the picture is lightened.
Not much more...
It just looks like a Tesla.

A bit more of the headlights.
Not sure what's going on in the area where a grill would be in a gas car.

They are targeting 2019 for the first sales.
We'll see.

They still have not officially unveiled the production version of the Model 3.
And that is supposed to come out next month!


Anonymous said...

anytime this company gets in the middle of negative press , and thats very often, then play the smoke and mirrors game. "Hey look over here"

douchebag joins said...

yes amaeric first 1 !1! fight fight fight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Chevy fnr-x with the Volt powertrain? I would seriously buy that right now if I could.