Friday, June 23, 2017

Let's meet again the new (Chinese) Ford Taurus.

Why not.
Since our next Focus will be made in China, I was wondering if Ford was rethinking the idea of offering the new Taurus in the US.

Yes, the "old" Taurus is still on sale in the US. At a starting price of $27 345.
(About $1000 less than its closest competitor, the Chevrolet Impala. )
And amazingly enough, they sold over 44 000 of them last year!

Not bad for a car most people think is discontinued.

So really, why not bring the Chinese made one over here?
The Chinese made Buick Envision is on its way to about 45 000 sales in the US for 2017.
So I guess that's a number where they do make money.

Sure, the large sedan market is shrinking. But 44 000 units is 44 000 units.
An all new model would also probably sell more. For at least a year or two.

I guess one way or another, most cars we buy will end up being made in China. Like everything else.

This might actually push car makers to sell us models that don't have to be super popular here, since they already makes such a profit on them in China?

Could this, in a weird way, bring back niche models?


NOOICE said...

best looking Ford sedan in decades. Hands down.

el_monty said...

A Ford that looks like an Audi. I shouldn't be surprised, the Chinese are obsessed with anything that comes from the VW group, so it seems other brands feel forced to imitate VW cues to be able to compete.

Anonymous said...

Looks way better than US Taurus. Does it offer a hybrid option?

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree, bring it to the US. I would gladly trade my 2013 bull for the new one!

Doug said...

I think this has zero style, especially compared to the Impala, the Azera, the new Cadenza, and the LaCrosse. So bland, clearly for the conservative Chinese market. Looks just like the Chinese market Ford Escort. Zzz.

Most of those Taurus sales are probably police cars.

Bruce Sanders said...

Slight problem with your calculations: About 41% of the Taurus models sold in the United States and Canada in 2016 were Police vehicles. No way any U.S. police agency is going to buy a Chinese sourced vehicle. Looks like a great vehicle however!

BillyM67 said...

So I guess every Ford car is going to look like a Fusion now?

FFEMT6 said...

I think it looks better than the Lincoln Continental, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Fusion's big brother, much nicer than the current Taurus.

4xForward said...

I mean, they should honestly give it a chance. I'm guessing they want the Continental to have exclusivity for awhile....but the current Taurus is stale as dirt. This, the Flex, and the C-Max Hybrid are the oldest vehicles in the lineup....but for Ford, this age still isn't as bad as they've done in the past. Remember the AeroStar? The Crown Vic? The Ranger? Those have set the records.

The most confusing thing is the Chinese Ford Escort.