Monday, June 26, 2017

Is this the next Nissan Frontier??

I am being told this could very well be the next Frontier for the US.
Not sure.

One thing is sure though, the Frontier is past due for a redesign.
The current model is almost 13 years old. I mean really...

A new generation came out in 2014. But not in the US.
Called the Navara in Europe and other countries, it is also the base for a Renault pick up truck.
As well as the upcoming Mercedes X Class. (So it can't be that crappy...)

The truck above does look pretty crappy I must say. Feels like something from 15 or 20 years ago...

Here is the current European Navara. 


Anonymous said...

That's Ssangyong garbage, Vince. Not worth posting.

Anonymous said...

Best truck on this planet