Sunday, June 25, 2017

2019 Ford Escape Energi

This is a prototype mule of the next generation Escape.
Due out for the 2019 Model year. Right after the next generation Focus.
Both models, as well as a brand new Ford EV, will share the same platform.

What you see here, is the Plug-in Hybrid version of the next generation Escape.
The next generation Plug-in models from Ford are expected to have a much better range than the "20 something" currently seen in the Fusion.

I wonder if these will end up being made in China as well....


Anonymous said...

Too little too late. Ford should never have ditched the Escape Hybrid in favor of the C-Max which nobody wanted. I had to Google the name because even that isn't memorable.

Harry_Wild said...

Looks like the present model only a little bigger!

Doug said...

Looks like the Escape is getting a little longer and wider as well.

Anonymous said...

So this will probably be available in the fall 2018?