Sunday, June 04, 2017

2018/19 Ford Focus

This is still under tons of camouflage, but it does look pretty "sculpted"
And also, a lot like the new Fiesta.

Which, by the way, has been on sale in Europe now for a while. Yet nothing on the horizon for the US.
No dates, no announcement. We're not even sure it is ever coming here...

But the Focus will. And so far, no sedan prototypes have been seen yet.
So, just like the new Fiesta, it might just be a hatchback this time.

Let's hope it won't take forever for Ford to bring this one over here after the start of European sales...


Patrick said...

There will absolutely be a Focus sedan, seeing as every single competitor offers one.

The Fiesta on sale "for a while"? Vince, it just entered production last week:

Anonymous said...

Will they finally fix the infamous Powershift Dual Clutch Transmission?

Anonymous said...

what a seen that look....old!