Thursday, June 15, 2017

2018 VW Polo

I have to admit, this looks a lot nicer than I ever thought it would.

That camouflage they had on the prototypes spied recently did a great job at hiding just the right parts.
This isn't futuristic by any means, but even makes the current Golf look old.

I really hope VW finds a way to bring this over here.
But I also realize this would also hurt the Golf a lot in the US.

More on this very soon. But, so far so good!


Anonymous said...

No snarky comments about HOW THE CARS LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE OLD ONE? You know, like you do with cars from other brands?
I get that the Polo isn't sold in the US, but that never stopped you before Vince! I'm starting to think you have a soft spot for VW....

Anonymous said...

Winner winner vinersnitzel dinner!