Monday, June 12, 2017

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

Looks like the next Santa Fe is getting a bit of that new Kona front end.
As you can see the set of LED lights on top of the hood.
With the actual headlights bellow.
Just like what Citroen has been doing.

This looks like the long version, not the "Santa Fe Sport". (this actually looks really big)

I also hear rumors about the next Santa Fe going "7 seater only". Leaving the 5 seat market to the 
smaller Tucson.
Not sure if that is true. Since Honda itself is adding a 5 seater between the CR-V and Pilot soon. Hyundai might not want to abandon that segment.

But.... Who knows....


Soul2Stinger said...

I don't think it's a good idea for them to cancel the Santa Fe Sport as that would leave a considerable mid-size gap between the Tuscon and full size Santa Fe. Maybe a return of the Veracruz name, but to get rid of a CUV in the lineup at this point for any company is suicide.

Doug said...

Supposedly the Tucson will get larger, the Santa Fe will be a 5 seater with more of a rugged look, and then they will have a new name for the 7 seater.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the next gen Santa Fe will be a two row only crossover again and that Hyundai will apply a different name to the next gen three row crossover (the return of Vera Cruz possibly?). The Santa Fe Sport moniker will go away, but Hyundai will still have an entry in the two row midsize crossover segment.

So, Hyundai should have 4 crossover models for the US market:
Kona: Subcompact
Tucson: Compact
Santa Fe: Two Row Midsize
Vera Cruz(?): Three Row Large

Hyundai is also supposedly developing an ultra tiny crossover to slot below the Kona, but it probably won't be offered in the US market.

Harry_Wild said...

From the black garbage wrappings, it could be any CUV/SUV! Hope it more boxy then rectangle.