Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2018 Chinese Buick regal. With a trunk and velour seats! And bonus "Burlapp tribute to GM velour")

 Here is the trunk version of the new Regal. Only for the Chines market. Since our model, just like the European Opel Insignia version, will be a hatchback (And a wagon)

That rather conservative design looks positively sad with a trunk...

And her is something else we won't get: velour!!!
It's back in a Buick!

Sure, they probably call it something fancier like "alcantara". But look at it.
It's velour all the way! With a bit of leather. Or vinyl (also called "leatherette")

 Here it is: The Vince Burlapp's "tribute to GM velour".
Just look at these and feast your eyes!

I actually wish for a velour comeback.
Just imagine these seats in a new Camaro.
Looks these Cadillac interiors!


Tard said...

If it were a Chrysler it would be "Rrrich Corynthian Velour."

Soul2Stinger said...

That blue Caddy interior brings back memories of my grandma's 80s DeVille.

Vince Burlapp said...

These interiors do bring back tons of memories for lots of people....

Anonymous said...

LOVED those velour interiors. We had the Cad Fleetwood, the Chrysler New Yorker Brougham, and the 98 Regency Brougham. All gorgeous. And any one of them makes my 5-series look cheap, cold & cramped by comparison. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

As far as exterior design, I think the Regal's platform mate (Chevrolet Malibu) received the more attractive design. From the outside appearance, the Regal looks somewhat cheap and boring. The Malibu looks much more interesting and upscale than this new Regal.

I think the hatchback only option is a brace choice for the sedan in the US market. It will be interesting to watch how it performs sales wise in our market.

As far as the tribute to velour: Do those seats look super plush or what? ; )

Anonymous said...

Three years ago we had the chance to buy a new car. We evaluated it on Labor Day Weekend here in sunny old North Carolina when the temps and humidity were high. We chose the non-leather version of the car because of the leather was too danged hot. I wish they would bring back high end velour seats so as not to burn your arse when you get in the car. I think Rolls Royce had a concept a few years ago with a high end silk interior which was gorgeous! I don't fully understand why leather, or worse--- "leatherette" has a monopoly on luxury car interiors. It may be easier to clean, but it is NOT comfortable in extreme heat or cold where I live--- especially when it starts to crack over time. Ah-- the good old days!