Monday, June 19, 2017

2018 Cadillac XTS

I know most people don't, but I've always liked the XTS.

I also still think it looks better than the newer CT6. I do like the CT6 wide stance, but many bits of that design are just too odd and clunky.

The car does not appear to have been ruined by that "facelift". The headlights actually have a weird futuristic look to them now.
The design is almost 6 years old and still holds up pretty well.

I'm not sure about the new rear lights design, but it doesn't seem that horrible. And probably looks better in the flesh.

Interior gets new tech and seats.
Engines are the same.

I guess with over 22000 units sold last year (which is about 4000 more than the Audi A6), GM though it was worth it to keep it a round for a while longer.
I'm glad they did.


Anonymous said...


I had one as a rental a couple years ago. It is an attractive car and it drove really well. The ride was comfy, and I had few issues with CUE, except the capacitive buttons were not very responsive. The touchscreen itself was fairly intuitive to use. There are 2 things that would stop me cold from buying one: it's high price, and seat comfort. I drove one for 400+ miles, and I could not find a position that was comfortable. Particularly lumbar support was awful. No matter what adjustments I made, each time I reached my destination, I was ready to get out of the car. It was just terrible. Hopefully they addressed that in this refresh. Otherwise, I really like the updates to the front of the car. Not so convinced about the rear...

Anonymous said...

Looks like they couldn't agree on a final headlight design, so they compromised. Badly.

Harry_Wild said...

The ride and inside plush interior is the traditional Cadillac I remember as a kid. The models like the CT6 take away from the Cadillac reputation and throws it in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Limo, hearse, rental companies and 90 year olds are all excited.

FFFEMT6 said...

I am not crazy about the new headlight design, but I have also always liked the overall design of this car. Since it was introduced.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Good enough to compete against Lexus or BMW or Infinity. Not in the same league as an E-class with air suspension; or a Continental with 30-way massage seats -- not even close!