Tuesday, May 09, 2017

New Jeep Compass ad

Obviously they do advertise driving off road.
Which is really not legal in most places.

Even if this ad is more about changing your life expectations, I wish they would actually show the car a bit more.
What's with these car ads where you barely see the car???
Imagine an iPhone ad where you don't see the phone.?!

At least, there is no dead grandpa. I'll give them that...


Doug said...

I like it. Kind of a "take the road less travelled" theme.

Anonymous said...

Remove the Jeep identifiers from the new Compass and it could easily pass for any Asian crossover.

Anonymous said...

it's called smoke and mirrors. These cars of a low quality and hardly can offroad any better than a front wheel drive economy car. However, with old school smoke and mirrors, you may potentially make simple folk associate this barely seen unit with capabilities that are far from truth.